Server rules



This page should explain itself. all rules are to be followed, and player who fail to do so will certainly be punished. if you got banned and you are certain this is a mistake, you can fill in a Ban appeal. then, an owner will take a look at your case and perhaps unban you.

Da rules:

  • Do not discuss religious or political standpoints on the server. This is to prevent unsolvable conflicts.
  • Of course, grieving protected areas is not allowed. Taking things from unprotected house is allowed, however.
  • Do not ruin the landscape. So no uncovered Mining holes etc.
  • Report economy-breaking glitches. Failing to do this is a severe offense!
  • Do not log in with multiple accounts.
  • (This is a real bummer) Do not use mods like x-ray, Minimap, Fullbright, or Nodus.
  • Do not advertise for other servers or ask what plugins we use.
  • Don’t ask for a higher rank. If you desire to get promoted, fill in this form.
  • Don’t harass players or staff. If someone asks you to leave their house or to shut up, just do so.
  • Don’t ask staff to pardon banned, muted or jailed players.
  • Don’t kill players which don’t have pvp turned on. This will be counted as grieving! (An exception to this is if a player is inside your claim unwanted. Then you are allowed to burn them and steal their stuff.

If you think this page misses a rule which should be added to it, you can fill in this form:


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