In here, you can find the rules and responsibility which come with being a staff-member, as well as a list of commands each staff member has access to.



Moderators are elected to maintain order among the players. they cannot fix grieving  but they are allowed to tp to players, and take a look at what they’re doing. members and VIPs have to listen to them, and do whatever they are saying (withing respectable bounds of course)

moderators are not allowed to abuse their powers, and when they do, you should file a complaint about them to see their status removed and Sometimes even banned from the server. Admins are allowed to jail or ban moderators, and moderators are allowed to jail admins when strictly needed to.

mods have access to:

  • broadcast
  • tp
  • mute
  • tempban
  • togglejail
  • kick



Admins are the right-hands of the owners, and have the highest rank a player can get. They can break protected blocks, spawn items, check someones inventory, and permanently ban people. they too, are not allowed to use this unless strictly needed. to keep the server secure, moderators CAN jail admins. but, if they do so without legit reason, they loose their status. If an admin bans a player, they have to report this at the website.

admins have access to:

  • tp
  • mute
  • tempban
  • togglejail
  • kick
  • seen
  • ban
  • smite
  • invsee
  • break

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